Honest BlendJet 2 review (with a 32oz bottle) I did for TikTok

This is a review I did of the Blendjet 2 with it’s 32oz bottle (bought separately) that I did for Tiktok and also put on my youtube channel. I’m trying very hard to supplement my income so if you could give me a view that would be lovely! If not, that’s fine too.
Click here or on the image above if you would like to see the video

My Blendjet 2 Review & Comparison

My @BlendJet review (w/32 oz bottle) and comparison.

00:00 Introduction (sound out until 00:48 – SORRY!)
00:47 Sound finally back on!
01:11 Cleaning
02:03 turning Blendjet 1 on
02:45 Gasket
03:51 Closing words
04:46 Thank you for your time!
Click here or on the image above to watch the video