Release Grief and Overwhelm Naturally with a Comfort Clasp

Yvonne Decelis demonstrates two quick and easy energy healing routines you can do to release grief and/or overwhelm. If you stay to the end you can see next week’s video! NOTE: the meridians your hands are on for this are (primarily) the heart and spleen meridians. The small intestine meridian is in this space as well.
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Quantum Spa Energetic Healing | Sleep Meditation Music

The goal of Quantum Healing is to make people feel better. It is a form of energetic healing that uses the power of prayer and visualization, combined with meditation and other spiritual tools such as singing bowls or music. This video will heal you, enjoy how all these practices work together in one powerful session!
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Send Healing Energy to Someone With This 10-Minute Routine đź™Ź

Do you have someone you want to send healing energy to? Whether this person is near or far, alive or dead, energy has the ability to transcend time and space to reach this person in the spiritual realm. Learn how to harness your energy to send healing energy to someone you love.
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