How 2 Find Calm with Your Triple Warmer: What it is and Does

Yvonne Decelis goes over what the triple warmer is and what it does. She also demonstrates a couple of ways to use it to help yourself calm down during times of overwhelm and/or anxiety
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00:00 Introduction & Opening Words
01:27 What is the Triple Warmer?
02:56 Triple Warmer Visor for Headaches
03:39 Proper Breathing
04:38 Triple Warmer Rub
05:39 Closing Words
06:07 Thank You!

How to use Energy Healing for Anxiety

Yvonne Decelis demonstrates a few energy healing routines you can do to help with feelings of anxiety or overwhelm after a discussion on whether or not energy healing (EH) can help with anxiety.

00:00 Introduction
00:33 Can EH help with anxiety?
00:48 Shoulder to hip energy crossover
01:38 Eyebrow Ridge move
02:15 Proper breathing
02:39 Reason 4 tongue at roof-of-mouth
03:25 Doing the eyebrow ridge move to another person
03:46 Shaking out negativity
04:26 Routine for anxiety and overwhelm
05:25 Triple Warmer Rub
05:59 Fingertip Grip
07:10 Closing words
07:26 Thank you!
Click here or on the image above to see the video