Dr Joe Dispenza – Access Higher Dimensions By Activating Your 3rd-Eye

How can the pineal gland induce a transcendental experience? We go even deeper into the processes of the brain and the neurochemistry that creates transcendental experiences. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains the different states of consciousness, brain wave states, role of the pineal (Third-eye) and how to activate it to tune in to the higher dimensions.
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My moms cat Mandy eating has to be seen or heard to be believed

I love my mom’s new cat, Mandy. But this really needs to be seen (& heard) to be believed, IMO. She eats like this for EVERY meal – she really packs it away. Turn the volume way up when you watch this it’s really amazing. (I swear we feed her 3 times a day!)  See if you can hear her and let me know what you think. 
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Vagus Nerve Activation | 10 Minute Daily Routine

Have you heard of your vagus nerve? It’s a nerve that connects your brain to your gut and is in charge of (1) making sure your organs are doing ok (2) turning on your body’s anti-stress parasympathetic nervous system response. Try this 10 minute routine to activate your vagus nerve to jumpstart your anti-stress response.
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