Ocean waves for meditation or sleep

Sorry if the soothing ocean waves sound gets interrupted and also about the Filmora the watermark and Wondershare “blurb”. Will try to remove those as soon as I am able! If you set this video to loop (by right or control-clicking on the video while it is playing), it will run forever but there may be a very slight pause every 48 seconds.
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Quick Energy Healing Fixes for Icepick Headaches and Stress

Video thumbnail for video #242 Some quick fixes for icepick pains or stressful situations

Yvonne Decelis demonstrates a way to help release icepick head pains (and/or cluster headaches). She then goes on to do a few different energy healing routines to help sedate the triple warmer and to help you relax/find some calm.
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How to do a Wayne Cook posture

Watch as Yvonne Decelis demonstrates how to do the alternate Wayne Cook posture, an energy healing exercise that can help you with many things, including feeling less stress and more focus. NOTE: Wayne Cook was a pioneering researcher of Bioenergetics force fields. He was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique to treat dyslexia and stuttering.
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