Quick Energy Healing Fixes for Icepick Headaches and Stress

Video thumbnail for video #242 Some quick fixes for icepick pains or stressful situations

Yvonne Decelis demonstrates a way to help release icepick head pains (and/or cluster headaches). She then goes on to do a few different energy healing routines to help sedate the triple warmer and to help you relax/find some calm.
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A good news update about my mom’s cat, Pixie

I am very happy (and relieved) to report that my mom had a Vet pay a home visit to her cat Pixie (who I honestly don’t think can handle another trip to the vet. The trips really stress her (the cat) out horribly.) The vet doesn’t know exactly what is wrong with her leg (nobody does) but said everything else looks OK. Pixie probably has a respiratory infection or a cold but is not having any other serious health issues. I am praying that everything will be OK… my mom already lost one cat about 5 or 6 months ago and I am praying that she doesn’t lose Pixi any time soon! The picture below is one I got of her (by accident. I know it looks like a posed photo but I swear it isn’t – when my mom first got Pixie nobody could get anywhere near her. She has never been much of a “people cat” – she was so skittish around everyone except my mom she would always run away. One day I pointed my phone at her and said “say cheese” and she actually posed for me! As soon as she heard my phone go off she ran away but she posed… it was amazing!)